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Little Joe Made Pepperoni Bread!

I just love my pepperoni bread!

Especially when Little Joe makes it. He’s perfected the recipe!

Mommy still doesn’t like it when Little Joe uses the big cutting knife by himself…..

…..But you just try and stop a hungry bear!

Little Joe slicing his pepperoni bread

I can hardly wait!


Little Joe tummy growls for his pepperoni bread

I’m so hungry! I better call Duffy before I forget and eat it all up myself.


Little Joe ready to eat his pepperoni bread

This is the LIFE!


Duffy the Disney bear joins Little Joe to eat pepperoni bread

Hey Little Joe! It’s almost gone!

Little Joe told me he was sorry, but he was so hungry he forgot to call me when the pepperoni bread first came out of the oven.

You bet next time I’ll make a dash right for the kitchen when I hear the oven timer ring…..

…..’Cause if I wait to hear Little Joe shout.......

“Pepperoni Bread’s Ready!”

it could be too late!

…..and I don’t like missing out on munching down the pepperoni bread with Little Joe!

Eat up!


Duffy Bear head salutatation

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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