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Mmmmm…. Panera Bread Gift Card

Duffy the Disney Bear travels to Panera Bread with this Panera Bread Gift Card

Look out Panera Bread!… here comes Duffy Bear with my Panera Bread Gift Card! Mmmmmmm……..


Don’t cha just love gift cards!

I love my Panera Bread Gift Cards!!!

My Auntie Sandra sent me a whole mess of Panera Bread Gift Cards when our kitchen appliances decided to break.

Auntie Sandra knows I likes to eat at Panera Bread, especially with gift cards! Mommy usually lets me get anything I want when I have a Panera Bread Gift Card.

Panera Bread gots the duffermost D-lish-E-O-so pastries and sweets!

As we all know, the healthiest foods for duffy bears are chocolate, cakes, cookies, pastries, (pretty much anything with sugar….), pizza, especially pepperoni pizza, bigger than my head burgers and my all time favorite… birthday cake!

Duffy the Disney Bears gets a good sniff of all the tummy yummy pastries and sweets at Panera Bread

Mid-afternoon and Panera Bread still has plenty of pastries and sweets to cater to all my nutritional needs!


The thing is…. we, Duffy the Disney Bears that is…. live in a human world and since we can only come to life at night or when humans aren’t around, we have to do what the humans want us to do. – most of the time….. *wink*

I’m still working on perfecting my Human Mind Control Influencing Techniques (HMCIT). That way, I don’t always have to go the grocery store to make sure mommy buys me the best nutritional foods and my vitamin CH (Vitamin Chocolate) to keep me strong and healthy!


Humans have one really bad habit…

Well…. actually humans have lots of bad habits….

Only the worstest habit that humans have that can actually be deadly to adorable, fluffy stuffies is that they like to…

…. are you ready for it…

Seriously… are you sitting down….?????

They like to  …

….they like eat…….

…they like eat….. HEALTHY!

Only humans healthy and a Duffy the Disney Bear stuffie healthy are very beary different kinds of healthy!

Disney the Disney Bear proudly shows off his lunch before he digs in.

Lunch is on me with my Panera Bread Gift Card! Well, not really ‘on’ me… It’s on my plate….. silly me…..


I got the broccoli cheese soup and the brandy new Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Ginseng with lots and lots of whipped cream with my Panera Bread Gift Card.

……I know, I know….. broccoli is green vegetable food...

……and I’ll be the first Duffy Bear to tell yous guys that green food is yuckers!

Little Joe thinks for duffer-certain eating too much vegetable green foods might even be deadly to Duffy Bears.

Yet, sometimes humans are pretty smart and they figure out ways to put green food in food and it doesn’t taste like green food at all!

So maybe, if you can’t taste the vegetable green food it’s okay?

Duffy the Disney Bear asks mommy to buy him some Panera Bread sweets to go.

One of each mommy. Little Joe, ShellieMay, Fred and Charlie needs sweets too.


This Panera Bread place is pretty smart though. They gots lots of tummy yummy healthy Duffy Bear treats…. and… they have a few “human healthy” things on the menu to bring in the humans to eat there too.

I think that might have been the real reason Auntie Sandra sent mommy the Panera Bread Gift Cards. She knows all about my nutritional need for chocolate, sweets and pastries! ……And mommy doesn’t mind taking me there because of the few healthy mistakes that Panera Bread’s got on the menu.

So next time you needs some sweets and your human needs *blech* (……I can hardly say it without thinking about how saying it makes me feel like my stitched lipped mouth is being washed out with soap….) some healthy human food.

……Just gets out those Panera Bread Gift Cards an zip it on over for your treats!

Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Huggies to ALL!

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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