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MotionDiary App for iPhone Review

Hello, I’m Duffy the Disney Bear and I tested the MotionDiary app (January 6, 2012).

It’s just launching right now, and it’s free!

It’s fun to make a Diary of my day in pictures.

3 pictures of Duffy from his motion diary video
Here's a few 'sneak peak' frames from my video.

Here’s the video of my review………….

Fun thing #1….. I liked taking the picture of my face right from the app and then making funny hair colors and styles.

Fun thing #2….. I could put text over the images.

Fun thing #3….. The head bobble adjustment feature! That was bobble-tasmic!

The Bummers about MotionDiary ….

Bummer #1….. They need to fix the export stuff. You click on share and it says something about recording. I got excited at first because I thought I could record over the little mini clips.

But you are really exporting.

Bummer #2….. I could only export one motion activity or 5 seconds at a time. You can export all the images at the same time, but images aren’t as fun as seeing my head bobble.

Bummer #3….. It crashed a LOT on export. Every time really! The first export always crashed, the second one always worked. ???? Hummmm????

UPDATE: If an app crashes lots and lots, it can help sometimes to turn your iPhone off. It resets itself somehow – I guess that’s why the call it a “Smart Phone”! (8/19/2012)

Super Bummer, AKA Bummer #4….. I imported my own background pic from my camera roll and the app completely crashed! So I lost all my stuff.

What will make the app funner?

I hope they add more activities like going to Bed. I couldn’t finish my day! I also want them to add more of those little ‘items’ that you can put in your pictures. Especially food, like pizza and spaghetti!

Ok, that’s my review.

Here’s my MotionDiary for January 6, 2012…………. EnJOY!

Duffy Bear,

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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