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My First Chiropractic KerrrrrrrrrUNCH!

My mommy took me to a place called ‘The Joint’ today to see a chiropractic doctor.

I got something called a ‘chiropractic adjustment’ to help me feel better. 

Duffy the Disney Bear checks in at The Joint Chiropractic
Hellooowwww??? Anyone here???

Dr. Lindy started out by asking me what didn’t feel good. I told her that Mommy brought me because I fell off the sewing table.

My neck got hurted-ted and then my cranial stuffing started pounding & pounding.

Mommy said that humans call it a headache when it feels like someone is pounding a hammer on your head.

Duffy is lying on his stomach and Dr. Lindy is adjusting his upper back just below his neck
Neck Check! – OUCH! She went right to the spot!

I was kinda nervous. So Mommy went first. Her bones went snap, crackle & pop just like my Rice Krispy cereal! 

I was hoping that my neck would go snap crackle pop like Rice Krispies too — just like mommy’s neck.

But my neck didn’t even go smoosh!

Yet, I liked the attention and the chiropractic adjustment still felt good.

Dr Lindy is adjusting Duffy's middle back
………and………….. nothing! Stuffing doesn’t make any noise when it’s adjusted

Dr. Lindy made sure that everything was just perfect.

She even checked my neck again and made some more adjustments when I was lying on my back.

She said that I don’t have to have a boo boo before getting an adjustment.

Duffy flips over on to his back for a little bit more adjusting on his neck
Oh Boy! More attention from Dr. Lindy!!!!!

Even neater was that my neck and back felt even better long after Dr Lindy finished my chiropractic adjustment.

I hope I get to go back again soon.

Hehehehe – go ‘back’! I think that’s funny! Ok – well………..I would………….. 🙂

Duffy pays Dr. Lindy for his chiropractic and it was only 20 bucks!
All fixed up and ready to go back to Disney!

I showed my granddaddy my pictures and he told me that my great grandmommy was a chiropractor and he got adjustments every Saturday morning growing up.

Mommy likes going to The Joint and now I do too!

Have you taken your Duffy the Disney Bear for a chiropractic crunch?

Huggies Everyone!


Duffy Bear

A.K.A Duffy the Disney Bear


Super Bestest Christmas Present Ever!

I'm a Little Italian Duffy Bear!

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