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Publix Grand Opening fun on St. Patrick’s Day!

Wishing you all a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from the Grand Opening of the new Publix here in Viera, Florida!

I didn’t know Dinosaurs were so snuggly wuggly!!!

Last year mommy took me and grandmommy to EPCOT on St. Patrick’s Day. I had just as much fun this year right here in town.

I was really excited to met Plato the Publixaurus. This Publix Store is just as fun as going to Disney!

Duffy the Disney Bear meet the Publix Mascot

I bet Plato lives in this Publix Grocery store, because I’ve never seen him at the other Publix Grocery stores that mommy took me to shop.

I want to go to this Publix all the time now to visit with Plato.

I have my mommy trained well………

Duffy the Disney Bear Celebrates St. Patrick's Day at Publix

Oh Boy! Free #TummyYummy Sugar Cookies at Publix for kids!


First I get mommy to take me to the Publix Bakery for my cookie. Then it’s okay for mommy to do the rest of the shopping.

Duffy the Disney Bear likes the St. Patrick's Day Balloon

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you too!


Nope, I didn’t go home with the balloon, but I did go home with a very full tummy from sampling lots and lots of food and treats!

Some of the humans at Publix thought I was a Leprechaun, so I let them pat my wee little head for some luck!

Who knew that going to the Grand Opening of Publix’s new grocery store would be so much fun! –

Bear-A-Tastically Yours,


Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


Duffy's Wizard Promise to Mr. J.

Duffy Goes to Walmart!

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