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Sonny’s BBQ Meal Deal is Pawlicking GooD!

Especially when a Sonny’s BBQ Rib Dinner is 1/2 price!

Hurry though, because it’s today ONLY!

April 15th!!

It’s some IRS or Irresistible Ribs Special!

Whatever…… all I know is that I’m eating me some Sonny’s BBQ Ribs for lunch today!

Ya see…..

I was just mosey on through my email …….

Duffy the Disney Bear checks his email on his MacBook Pro

La la la la la…. So many emails…. so little time……. *sigh*



Duffy the Disney Bear spots the Sonny's BBQ Irresistible Ribs Special

What?….. Is it really?????…………


What’s this? I could hardly believe my adorable soft Duffy the Disney Bear brown eyes!

I looked closer….

Duffy the Disney Bear just can't believe the pawtastick Sonny's BBQ Meal Special

OMB! It….. it…. it……..


……it….it’s a Super Sonny’s BBQ Ribs 1/2 price dinner special!

I jumped out of my seat and so close to my computer screen I forgot myself and almost tried to take a bite out of the stitch lipped, mouth watering, tasty looking BBQ ribs in the picture!

Duffy the Disney Bear jumps almost jumps through his computer to taste the Sonny's BBQ Ribs

Mmmmmmm….. Ribs….. Sonny’s BBQ Ribs……..!!!


Our Sonny’s BBQ opens up at 11:00 am EST.  (<—That’s Eastern Standard Time 🙂)

So just like a cowboy from the old new west 🙂 , I was quicks on the draw with my iPhone and dialed up Sonny’s at 10:55 am!

10 minutes to pick up and 10 minutes back for some poolside Sonny’s BBQ!

What’s the fun eating any barbecue if you’re not gonna lick your messy paws afterwards!

Wanna know what’s really good about Sonny’s BBQ half price Irresistible Ribs Special?…..

……..Getting a second Sonny’s BBQ half price Irresistible Ribs Special!!!!


You read that right! I didn’t order only one Sonny’s BBQ half price Irresistible Ribs Special…. I got myself two Sonny’s BBQ half price Irresistible Ribs Specials!!!!

Oppssss… Sorry mommy, now my fork comes in handy for my super tummy yummers Sonny’s sidekick homestyle macaroni and cheese…….  (When do mommies stop knowing best?)

Sonny's BBQ IRS 2015_IMG_2150

Hey! These ribs are much smaller……. and I’m still the same hungry.


Oh by the bear, each meal comes with 2 Sonny’s Sidekicks and a choice of garlic bread or corn bread.

It’s a no cranial stuffing brainer choice for me! I likes me my corn bread!

I ordered some yucky, I mean yummy homemade coleslaw and green beans for mommy. She needs to eat something for lunch too!

Duffy the Disney Bear calls the waitress for more coke to wash down his Sonny's BBQ special rib dinner

Waitress! I need some more Coke……  Opppssss… sorry, I meant to say…. “Mommy may I please have some more coke?”  I guess I’m kinda spoiled eating out… and outside near the pool isn’t eating out in a restaurant! …. MY BAD!


Oh…. I sorries, I bet some yous guys must be wondering how I got the Sonny’s BBQ very beary special email???……. Yes????

I joined the Sonny’s ‘Q’ Crew a whiles back. The ‘Q Crew is a Free e-club.

Yep…. FREE…..!!! and I’m always all in on the FREE stuff!

I thinks you might be able to join….

Hehehehe… I knows you can!

Here’s to you enjoying your very beary Sonny’s BBQ April 15th, Irresistible Ribs Special today too!

Huggies to ALL!

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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