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The 11th day of Christmas...

Yipppeee!!! Yappeeee!!! and Yahooo-E-E-E-E!!!!!!!!

Today is the 11th day of Christmas and I got……..  I got a puppy doggie!!!!

My puppy doggy is so cute, the only thing I could name him was Puppy Doggie!

My Auntie Maria brought him home for me from Joe’s Club. Grandmommy was ascared that he was going to be too big for me and hurt me. But my Auntie Maria knew better.

Puppy Doggie & me were bestest friends right away!

Duffy's puppy playfully rubs his head on Duffy's tummy
Tehehehehe!!!! Puppy Doggie is tickling my tummy! 

Double DRATS!! Mommy said Puppy Doggie can’t sleep in my bed with me.  🙁

Oh and P.S. Thank you Splice app for helping me with my video titles.

Sweet Puppy Dog Dreams,

Duffy Bear head salutation

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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12 Days of Christmas Presents!

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