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The Fresh Market Opened in my Town Today!

The Fresh Market opened up today!

Duffy the Disney Bear in the front of The Fresh Market on Opening Day

This is exciting!


It must be an early birthday present for me because it’s just two days before my official adoption-bearthday birthday!

I slept in late today. When I got up, I noticed that Mommy brought home a really cool ‘Welcome to The Fresh Market’ grocery bag.

There was a very beary special surprise gift in the bag!

Duffy the Disney Bear

Come here little surprise….


Oh dufferdrats!

It’s coffee….. I guess we’ll give that to Auntie Gloria or something. No one in this house drinks coffee.

Duffy the Disney Bear

Coffee???? *sigh* All that hard work for coffee??? I was hoping for chocolate.

It’s always good to go the first day when a joint opens up because they give out free stuff.

So I started begging mommy to take me to The Fresh Market Grand Opening ’cause I likes Grand Openings! and I was also hoping that mommy just wasn’t paying attention and maybe they were giving out some better treats in The Fresh Market shopping bags.

Yippppeeeee! Mommy said – “YES”! I rushed to get dressed and we were off in a flash back to the Fresh Market!

Oh, boy was the joint hopping!

All these like really important humans in fancy clothes were standing around. That looks like a really cool job to get dressed up and stand around food all day long. Mommy said they probably worked at the corporate offices and management.

I was on a different mission…….

First thing I saw were some flowers. Flowers are nice, but you can’t eat ’em.

Duffy the Disney Bear checks out the flower department at The Fresh Market Grand Opening.

Gee…. gotta remember these flowers next time I do something dumb and ShellieMay gets mad at me. …. Oh, wait… that’s everyday!


Mmmmm…. tomatoes and basil…. need those for spaghetti sauce!

Duffy the Disney Bear in The Fresh Market Produce Department


“Mommy, why is that tomato orange? Is it sick?”

…. saw lots of apples….

Fresh Market_IMG_8939

Apples are good with crunchy peanut butter!


…. and oranges……

Fresh Market_IMG_8937

I likes it when mommy put oranges in those green smoothies. It’s weird, how oranges make smoothies green. I don’t believe ShellieMay when she says mommy puts fresh baby spinach in them too, ’cause I don’t taste any green yucky stuff.


…. and bananas…..

Fresh Market_IMG_8944

Let’s stock up! I likes my chocolate, peanut butter, banana smoothies!


The fruits are good, but the situation started getting a bit desperate….

Fresh Market_IMG_8930

Yuck! That green leafy stuff that ShellieMay eats to keep her ‘figure’ and that asparagus stuff mommy always makes me take at least one bite of … good thing I have a doggie… hehehehe


A whole wall of green stuff! Only a human would have this kinda crazy idea.

Duffy the Disney Bear at the Fresh Market produce department

A…a…a… choooo…..! I have a green food allergy.


I could feel myself starting to shake. I couldn’t find any of my main nutritional foods here at The Fresh Market.

It was getting worse…..

… A salad bar…. *Gasp*

Fresh Market_IMG_8952

I think I’m starting to see a conspiracy here…..


I hunted and hunted my way through the store.

I started to think that maybe this joint ain’t so jumping for a little bear.

I was sneezing from all the green fresh foods, my fur was starting to itch, and I was feeling a little weak from the lack of really good nutritious snacks.

I mean fruits are good, but there’s too much human healthy fresh green food in The Fresh Market.

It was just then I saw the most bear-U-tee-Full site ever! ……  Cupcakes, pastries, and cannoli!!

Duffy The Disney Bear asks to live in The Fresh Market's Pastry Case

Can I live here mommy?


…. and then there was Halloween Candy!!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear likes the Halloween candy and treats at The Fresh Market

Who doesn’t love Halloween! It’s the most nutritious Holiday of the whole year!


And… I almost jumped right out of my stuffing when I saw……

Fresh Market_IMG_8998



Fresh Market_IMG_9003


Life sustaining pepperoni pizza!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear discovers The Fresh Market has fresh pepperoni pizza

You’re dufferenutterly coming home with me today, my fresh, oh so dufferlish-E-O-so pepperoni pizza!


It started getting even better….

Ice Cream!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear spots the Ice Cream at The Fresh Market

Chocolate Cherry ice cream and Homemade Chocolate covered ice cream bars!


More ice cream! and it’s chocolate! 

Duffy the Disney Bear spots the Ice Cream at The Fresh Market

“Mommy…. LOOK! It’s on sale!”




More candy!!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear spots the Chocolate at The Fresh Market

I was so excited…. I lost my breath and froze for a moment.



The Fresh Market Rocks!

Okay, so they may have lots of that what humans call healthy green stuff……

I guess humans need it, yet it’s very beary deadly to stuffie of my kind! How else does a Sweet Little Bear stay sweet if he doesn’t eat lots and lots of sweets! Right?!!!!!

Yet, it’s a good sign they have lots and lots of the fresh fruits and vegetables, Non-GMO and Gluten Free foods because my mommy probably wouldn’t go back there if they didn’t have all that “Just tastes it Little Angel” green and yucky other humans stuff.

Duffy the Disney Bear sits in his brand new LG Dare French Door Refrigerator

Let’s go filler up at the Fresh Market!


It’s actually a pretty cool day for The Fresh Market to open up because we finally got our new refrigerator early this morning! We were without one for 14 weeks!


Well… We had a little one… only it wasn’t big enough for my normal stash of Stuffie-Approved nutritious pepperoni pizzas, ice cream, whipped topping for my hot cocoa, ready to bake cookie dough, for when Little Joe’s too busy to bake from scratch and many other Duffy the Disney Bear sanctioned and approved nutritional foods!

So hey mommy….

Let’s fill up the grocery cart!

Huggies and Welcome to the community Fresh Market!

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

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ShellieMay the Disney Bear Book Arrives at Disney World!

Photo Bomb!!!

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