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The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in the New Fantasyland makes a great Birthday Gift!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Hehehehe! Am I the Bear? or Am I the Bear?!!

Look what I got my mommy for her birthday!!!

Yeppers! Today is my mommy’s birthday!!!

(That means cake later! Yippppeeeeee!!!!)

Duffy the Disney Bear gives him mommy the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train for her birthday

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I got my mommy the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!

It’s the newest roller coaster in the New Fantasyland at my Grandpa Walt Disney’s Florida Magic Kingdom Park.

We didn’t get to go to the Magic Kingdom today to celebrate mommy’s birthday today like we normally do. (Drat!)……….

But that’s ok because we went to the 24 hour Rock Your Disney Side last weekend. We’re still kinda recovering…… We stayed up over 30 hours! But we’d do it again in a heart beat.

I took mommy to ride on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train two times at the Rock Your Duffy Side, I mean Rock Your Disney Side Party. It was an early birthday present surprise!

I got my grandpa, Walt Disney, to have a special, what humans call a soft-opening for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train so I could surprise mommy with her present because we weren’t going there today on her birthday.

I know, here we go again…….. Humans call stuff the strangest names. The opening wasn’t really soft. I’m soft! You know, ………because I’m fully of stuffing, but the soft opening was……

Well…. It wasn’t just an opening. It was actually a superdufferduper official opening to me because we did the whole ride just like it was open like normal.

Yet, then again,….. who cares! We got to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train for realzeeees!

It was super fun. We sat in the front row both times! I thought that was really cool because as soon as the ride starts, our mining car took a nose dive down the tracks! Whoooo Hooooo!

There isn’t much theming to look at during the day when you are on the outside of the mine. You can see the landscaping of the hills and a catch a quick glimpse of the castle where Princess Ariel and Eric live. Even if you look away from the tracks to see the rest of the park, there aren’t really any super great views or great theming like on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

The inside of the mine is really fun! You get to mine along with the dwarfs! The roller coaster slows down so you can see all the dwarfs busily mining for the special sparkling jewels.

Oh! I got so excited to share with you about the roller coaster part of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, I forgot to tell you about some of the stuff about the queue.

I gotsta say that my favoritest thing is the superlative air-conditioning fans when you are roaming through the forrest to the mine. The most wonderful super coldest air blast out! AND there’s plenty of shade too.

So here’s some of the video that I got. Sorry it’s not better.

Best part……. We’re going back next week! Crossing my paws we can get some fast passes…..

Oh….. Here’s the birthday cake!

Duffy the Disney Bear surprises his mommy with a Birthday Cake


Hugs to All!

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


Happy Birthday Donald Duck

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