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Triple Chocolate Cupcake!!!

OH MY BEAR! Never have you ever had a Triple Chocolate Cupcake until you've eaten a Triple Chocolate Cupcake from the Be Our Guest Restaurant in Disney World's Magic Kingdom!

Duffy and his little 5 inch pal Duffy admire the Chocolate Cupcake.

It's so triple chocolate-tee scrumptious.

Even the smell of the chocolate put me in a very generous mood.

I can hardly believe I offered to share my wonderful dessert - and I even really meant it too!

My triple chocolate cupcake must have been made somewhere in triple chocolate cupcake heaven.

Just look at it's yumminess!

Triple Chocolate Cupcake from Be Our Guest Restaurant WDW Magic Kingdom
My Triple Chocolate Cupcake tasted just as good as it looked!

Actually, I think it's why I almost passed out - Almost because I refused to take my eyes off of my cupcake!

Duffy fell over on his side, but he's still looking at his cupcake

Huggies to ALL!

Duffy Bear head salutation

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


On a Mission to Adopt!

Duffy Disney Bear Puppet Adoption

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