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Vinylmation Coming out Summer 2012!!!

Oh boy!

I’m going to be a Vinylmation figure!

Summer 2012….!!!

That’s all I know right now as far as the timing of my inaugural Vinylmation release. 🙂

I’m gonna be two, count ’em two Vinylmation figures!

The first one, I’ll be dress in my awesome pawesome Sailor Duffy Outfit.

I’m a very beary good sailor. I learned everything from my daddy Mickey Mouse.

Sailor Duffy

Vinylmation Duffy the Disney Bear dressed in Sailor Suit
Photo from Attractions Magazine

Mommy said they did a good job of capturing my big feet in these Vinylmation figures.

…….Hey, ……. wait a minute!

Big FEET! …..

Yet she also said that they showed my big kind heart through the laughing eyes and big smile.

I think I can forgive her for the big feet comment……..

After all, Duffy the Disney Bear, (that’s me :)) according to Grandpa Walt Disney, “Brings Love”.

The second mini me is…. well….


… I guess you would say a ‘fur breathing’ Duffy the Disney Bear!

Yup, that’s me!

It’s true that every beary now and then, I do enjoy a good ‘fur breathing’ day!

Officially, the humans say I’m a ‘flocked Vinylmation.

I had to look that up….

It’s something about putting the fuzzy stuff over the Vinylmation stuff. But who needs to get technical?

Flocked Duffy – This is me in my fuzzy fur.

Vinylmation Duffy the Disney Bear - Fuzzy Flocked Version... SO CUTE!
Photo from Attractions Magazine

I wonder if there have every been any other fuzzy Vinylmation figures???

Whoooo Hooooo! Me <—–, little ‘ole Duffy the Disney Bear, is joining the ranks of the Vinylmation Nation in just a few short weeks!

Could I be the very first fuzzy Vinylmation? Does anyone know?

Beariliously Yours!

MyDuffyBear_transparent #f0f4ff 67 x 50 salutation

Duffy Bear

A.k.A Duffy the Disney Bear


Super Moon

I LOVE Lasagna!

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