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We Got Tricked on Halloween!

Happy Halloween Ev’bearybody! 

halloween-pumpkin-witch-03 small

This Halloween,….. Me, Little Joe and ShellieMay all went trick or treating!

Duffy the Disney Bear gets to the Halloween House First

Oh Boy! The Magical Halloween Trick or Treat House!

There was only one house in the WHOLE neighborhood that was decorated for Halloween this year. We knew, —that we knew, ——  that we knew ——for duffernutter sure that this house was in the Halloween Holiday Spirit.

And the Halloween Spirit means…. CANDY!

Lots & Lots & Lots of CANDY!

We waited….. and waited……. And waited…… for the special Halloween trick or treating hour.

Finally! It was time for our Halloween adventure and we got dressed up in our costumes.

We ran out the door and down the street to the special Magical Halloween Decorated house.

I got there first!

So, I waited for Little Joe & ShellieMay to catch up before going to ring the door bell.

We planned for weeks to trick or treat at that house.

It didn’t take Little Joe & ShellieMay very long to catch up and get to the trick or treat house.

Little Joe was very beary excited and brought the extra, extra, extra, extra biggest Halloween trick or treat candy bag. I think that slowed him down a bit.

ShellieMay said it was her black high heels shoes that slowed her down. I was too excited to trick or treat and get our candy to tease ShellieMay about riding a Halloween Witches Broom to go faster. After all we went out to get Treats! Lots and lots of treats! I can give ShellieMay a teasing break for one afternoon.

Duffy, ShellieMay and Little Joe are ready to Trick or Treat

“Let’s go ev’bearyone! Let’s get our candy!”

But then, when Little Joe & ShellieMay saw the Witches sitting outside, they ran ahead of me and jumped into the witches lap!

ShellieMay politely struck up a conversation with the green witch.

ShellieMay the Disney Bear chats with the Halloween Witch

“You are going to fly over the moon tonight, Miss Wicked Witch?”

Little Joe snuggled in with the kinder looking witch. 

halloween-pumpkin-witch-01 small

Little Joe chats with the witch about his halloween candy

“Are you sure I don’t give you my candy wish list?”

I was like… what? “Why did yous guys jump up into the witches laps?”

Duffy the Disney Bear at Trick or Treat House

“What are yous guys doing chatting with the Witches?”

Get this……

They thought that Halloween might be like Christmas. After all – the witches were sitting out there like Santa Clause. It is their first Halloween and they didn’t get to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party like I did. I learned lots about Halloween at Mickey’s Party.

They both thought the witches were sitting there because they were suppose to sit in the witches laps to tell them all about their candy wishes.

Silly bears!

The witches were both very kind. The witches explained that they were just sitting for a spell (<— HaHaHa – that was very beary punny!) and enjoying the beautiful fall weather before they had to get on their brooms and fly across the moon.

Flying across the moon is a Halloween tradition for the witches! 

halloween-pumpkin-witch-02 small

ShellieMay got mad when I asked her if she was going to fly across the moon with the witches this Halloween night. She said it was only for real witches. ShellieMay was too excited to trick or treat she either didn’t notice I was teasing her – or she just ignored me. Hummmm…. I hope I’m not losing my touch? Annnnnybear…..

We all finally got to the door…..!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear trick or treats on Halloween

“Hurry up and ring the bell so we can get our candy!”

Ding dong!

Well… a lady answered…. But…. NO CANDY!

Yep, she really did open the door….. She even looked a little confused….

……She was CONF– USED???

We were the ones confused!!! ……This is Halloween and we thought that we were suppose to get dressed up, ring a doorbell and get candy!

It didn’t even seem like she expected anyone to ring her doorbell.

That was a total dufferbummer!

Well…we got over that beary quickly and we figured we’d try a house that wasn’t decorated to see what would happen…. Actually, we didn’t have any choice — none of the other houses in the neighborhood were decorated for Halloween.

So we were pretty kinda nervous. We realized that we didn’t even see anyother tricker treaters! Maybe we got the Magic Halloween Trick or Treating hour wrong?

Duffy the Disney Bear trick or treats at another house

“I guess this house is just as good as any other.”

This time we did something a little bit differently….

This time we all shouted!!!!

“Trick or TREAT!”

… And it happened! We got candy!


Duffy the Disney Bear gets his Halloween Candy

“YEAH!!!… THANK YOU!” This is super fun!

The kind man even let us pick our own candy out of the big wooden bowl.

Of course ShellieMay picked the healthy stuff… Some of those OceanSpray Craisins….. They’re pretty good – at least they’re sweet.

The best part of ShellieMay being on a heath kick is that leaves more of the good, tasty important surgery stuff for me and Little Joe. So we don’t mind – ShellieMay can eat all the Healthy Halloween Goodies and me and Little Joe will take the m&m’s and Butterfinger Snackers! –

When we got home, mommy said that we could all have one piece of candy before dinner!

Duffy the Disney Bear eats his Halloween Treats

“Let’s see if we can go out and get some more!”

Me and Little Joe are already planning our next Halloween trick or treating strategy – Priority Number One… find a new neighborhood! Next year we won’t get tricked on Halloween!

Boo to YOU!


Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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