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Who’s Your Favorite Avenger?

My very beary first firstest favorite Avenger was Iron Man!

I guess that’s because it’s the very beary first firstest Avenger movie I ever saw.

Duffy the Disney Bear Avengers Pajamas

LOVE my Avenger pj’s!


On my pj’s…

Favorite #1Iron Man

Favorite #2 – Captain America

Favorite #3 – Thor

Favorite #4 – Hulk – I don’t really know too much about the Hulk just yet.

Who’s your favorite???

Let me know, send me a message!

P.S. I gots my Avenger pajamas from *Build-a-Bear… It was a while ago so I don’t think they sell these anymore.


Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


Solar Eclipse 2017!!!

Little Joe Made Pepperoni Bread!

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