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Duffy's Wizard Promise to Mr. J.

I made a Wizard Promise to my friend, Mr. J.

Duffy is dressed in a blue velvet Wizard rob and hat with stars and half moon embroidery and his favorite blue Converse style hightop sneakers
Duffy's Cool Wizard Outfit!

You see, Mr. J saw the youtube video that I made when I visited Old Town in Kissimmee, Florida. Old Town is pretty close to Disney. You can eat, ride fun rides, shop and lots more in OLD Town.

I went there with my Auntie Cee and Uncle John....... and of course mommy.

I found this really cool Wizard to tell my fortune. I put the video up on youtube and after Mr. J watched it, he asked if I could get the Wizard to tell a fortune for him too!

This is the video Mr. J saw on my youtube channel.

I was sad to tell my friend, Mr. J, that I was already home and I had to get mommy to take me back to OLD Town to get his fortune from the Wizard.

Yet, I made a promise to Mr. J.

I sent Mr. J and email and said....

Hi Mr. J,
Duffy Bear, A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear, here!
I promise….
I super duper, cross my paws, Duffy the Disney Bear promise, 🐻 I haven’t forgotten about your Wizard fortune.
I just don’t live really close to Old Town Mr. J.
……But I beary much promise that I’ll get your Wizard fortune for you.
I even remember that you are a Taurus!!!
I will definitely have a personal one on one chat with the Wizard to make sure that you get the super bestest fortune ever!
P. S. See…… I even got this cool Wizard outfit!

But, I didn't think that my email was enough.

I felt very sad that I couldn't go to Old Town right away to get Mr. J's fortune from the Wizard. So I made him a special youtube video until we could go back there.

"Hokus Pokus Duffy-mokus"

–.......... Now you see me.......

Poof! Where did Duffy Go? Animated GIF - Duffy disappears

Rap! Tap! Zap! Poof! (—-> Now you don’t!

Bye for now!

Duffy Bear

A.K.A Duffy the Disney Bear


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