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Duffy the Disney Bear Safari Outfit Adoption!

It’s time for another Duffy the Disney Bear adoption!

I went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to search for our very bear newest family member.

Before exploring the Harambe Wildlife Reserve on the Kilimanjaro Safari in Africa, I set out on my own safari through the Animal Kingdom’s shops. I was on an expedition to hunt down the pawfect twelve inch (12″) Safari Duffy the Disney Bear to be adopted as the next member of our family.

Duffy the Disney Bear 12" in Safari Oufit
Duffy interviewing a basket full of 12" Safari Duffys all excited to maybe be adopted into his family

“One at a time please. You’ll get your chance to be interviewed.”


Since the experience with my malfunctioning Adoption Activation Device (AAD), I continue to perform my Duffy the Disney Bear Adoption Counseling Services (DDB-ACS) on all my trips to Disney.

I wish I understood what was happening to me when my ADD pinger pinged! That’s the reason I share with all the bears ready to be adopted what the Zing-Zap-Zang-A-Duffer is all about that woke them up and brought them to consciousness. Along with the Zing-Zap-Zang-A-Duffer ping of the ADD, there is a longing feeling to belong to a human.

Before I finish the counseling session, I instruct the Duffy Bears on the Duffy the Disney Bear Temporary Home Display Unit (DDBTHDU) how to pass this information along to all the other Duffy Bears in the parks even if those Duffy Bear’s AADs haven’t pinged yet. That way I’m certain that all the Duffy Bears will understand everything they need to know about their AAD until my next trip to Disney.

I get really excited when mommy’s Internal Human Homing Pinging Device (IHHPD) pings because it’s time to add a new member to our family!

Mommy told me that we could only adopt one and only one Safari Duffy on this trip. I usually can twist her Human Heart (HH) around adopting one or two more, but not this time…. 🙁

She told me that I need to learn how to refine my AAD pinger a bit more too. I always wanna adopt when we go to Disney. You see, that’s because I have trouble telling the difference between when my AAD is pinging for our family to adopt or that I’m feeling the pings of the Duffy Bear that I’m to counsel.

So on my safari for our new family member, I started to do some Duffy the Disney Bear Adoption Interviews (DDB-ADIs). I also began to collect Adoption Activation Device Pinging Data (AADPD) so I can match it up with the interview answers. Then maybe I’ll be able to tell better and better when I’m suppose to do Adoption Counseling or adopt for our family.

I guess I’m not too sad about getting to adopt only one Safari Duffy because the next time we visit Disney it will be the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival at EPCOT.……..

….. and that means we’ll be adopting the 12″ Flower and Garden Gnome Duffy!


I wonder if I’m a Flower & Garden Festival topiary this year?

See—->>>> Wouldn’t this be toduffaly pawesome!

Duffy the Disney Bear as Flower and Garden Festival Topiary
Duffy the Disney Bear topiary photoshopped into EPCOT planter bed

Now we’re Talking! I think this is a good spot! (Little Joe helped me out with some conceptual artwork.)


Happy Adopting to All!

Duffy Bear 12 Safari_1024_03 Salutation Color Sized

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


Duffy the Disney Bear Family Orientation

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Ecstasy

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