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Five Things to Love about National Popcorn Day!

Calling all bears! Calling all bears! Stuffies and Plushies!

It’s National Popcorn Day! 

Duffy is holding a jar of  Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn on either side of him

Gotsta always make sure you got extra!


Whooo Hooooo!! ……National Popcorn Day is another reason to LOVE life!

Who’da thunk it?….

…..- that popcorn would have it’s very beary own National Popcorn Day Holiday Celebration!

I gots to thinking about it, and there are lots and lots of great things about popcorn and special ways to celebrate National Popcorn Day.

So I picked five things I ❤️ Love ❤️ about popcorn and National Popcorn Day to share with you today.

Starting with number….

Five: National Popcorn Day is a great day for National Popcorn Day Activities!

Me and Little Joe decided to do some coloring for our National Popcorn Day Activity today.

We all know how much Little Joe likes to do his computer coloring.

…….Oh, excuse me, I was just corrected by Little Joe…….- it’s called Graphic Arts –

Little Joe also likes to color with regular crayons too.

So Little Joe surfed the net for some cool popcorn coloring pages to make our National Popcorn Day more special.

Little Joe print a picture of Goofy wearing a chef's hat holding a bag of popcorn and tossing a popped kernel to color

Little Joe was excited to see that Goofy likes to celebrate National Popcorn Day too!


Then instead of coloring them on my computer today, he printed out the coloring pages so we could color together.

Little Joe was super colorexpialleydoshioulyexcited to start coloring, so he scurried to get the crayons down off the shelf in the kitchen.

Little Joe get the yellow box of Crayola crayons off the shelf

Little Joe got the crayons all by himself today!


(Click pics to expand!)

Four: Popcorn seems to taste duffernutter better and make any movie more funner to watch!

Oppsss… I mean more fun!

Duffy is sitting at his computer desk surfing the Netfilx site and searches for a movie to watch

Hummmm… which movie will go scrumpshalisiouly with my

Hersey’s Cinnamon Chocolate bits & Plump California Raisins tonight?


Three: Oh how fun it is to splish and splash some little delights into my popcorn to create some special popcorn treats.

Here’s a picture of some of the different kinds of stuff I like to mix into my popcorn.

Duffy is holding one jar of Orville Redenbacher's popcorn and is surrounded by ingredients; such as a bag of Hershey’s Heath Chocolate chips, Hershey’s cinnamon, popcorn salt, a box of California Raisins for some of his Popcorn recipes

Here’s a few things I like to put in my popcorn.


Popcorn mixes really goods with one of my other favorites treats….

……. CHOCOLATE……..!!!!! 🍫

Popcorn and chocolate mix up in the most flavorful, scrumpduffyishious, dufferlightfully stitched mouth pleasing, popcorn popping way! YUM!

You just gotsta try a few Hershey’s little Milk Choclate CHIPS! Drop them into the popcorn first thing after you put your popcorn into the bowl when the popcorn is still hot. Careful not to touch the popcorn – so you don’t get your fur singed. It would hurt you lots and lots.

I hope it wasn’t special for Christmas, cause we gots these Hersheys’ Cinnamon Chips! OMB! They’re amazing! Especially with my California Raisins!

…..One of my  very beary favorite ways to eat popcorn is with buttered popcorn salt. Mmmmm….. and yes,… sometimes even with real melted butter!

Yet,…… always, always, always my most favorite type of popcorn to eat is the popcorn that is right in front of me!

Two: – Popping the popcorn is fun too!

I love the pop, pop, pop popping sound of the about to be wonderfully snout pleasing smell of popcorn when it pops! [Click here to hear the popping sound!]

I like to shake the pot and let my body get all shake-a-lee wake-a-lee too. Mommy said I make the silliest noises. Actually, I think it kinda drives her crazy when I sing la la la la la and let my body shake my voice.

Duffy is at the stove, shaking the pot handle as the popcorn pops over the edge of the pot lifting the top off the pot

*POP! POP!*……*sniff…sniff* Oh how I ❤️ love ❤️ the pop, pop, pop and sweet yummy scent

as popcorn lifts the top of the pot!


This National Popcorn Day was really fun because mommy let me pop an extra batch of popcorn to show you how I make the popcorn myself.

Hehehe – I hid the camera… so she didn’t realize that it wasn’t charged when I made the popcorn.…..

I went right into ‘mommy’s big helper mode’ to find the camera. I don’t want her to find my secret hiding spots.

After we charged up the camera, I got to pop more popcorn so we could take the picture!

Oh! The drifting scent of popcorn that draws the attention of my snout.

Once I get a whiff of the warm wafting popping corn scent, I can’t think of anything else except digging into those nice hot freshly popped kernels – Ahhhhhhhh……

One: … And my super most favorite Number One thing about National Popcorn Day is sharing my popcorn with my little brother and bestest friend, Little Joe.

Well, it’s time to watch our movie and eat our popcorn!!!

Duffy and Little Joe are dressed in their pajamas, each of them with a Duffy the Disney Bear pillow pet behind them as they have a paw in a special red with white stripes plastic popcorn container that mimics a paper popcorn bag

“Which movie did you pick Duffy?”


I picked Disney’s The Sword in the Stone Little Joe. It’s a first for us!

Happy Popcorn Eating Everyone!

Duffy head salutation

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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