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I LOVE Lasagna!

Duffy the Disney Bear here ——>

———being Super Duper Silly because……

……………..lasagna makes me Italiano Happy!

Yeppers Peppers, I LOVE Lasagna!

Mommy made her tummy yummy LASAGNA for me!

Nope, I didn’t get any pictures of the super tummy yummy lasagna…. (sorry) 🙁

..........‘cause I gobbled it all up way to fast to pose for any pictures.

You see, I forgot myself again…..

I was stitched up by Minnie Mouse to be a ‘Plushie’ Duffy the Disney Bear to be snuggled and be played with by a loving human family.

But when my AAD (Adoption Activation Device) malfunctioned, I became a ‘REAL’ Disney Bear living alive and alert in the human world.

…. So once again, my tummy yummy very beary bearish food instincts kicked in when I saw this wonderful Italian Lasagna dish come out of the oven.

I smelled it’s delicious cheesiness…..

……..and I gobbled it all down while it was nice and hot, and while the cheese still made those neat stringy things on my eating sticks. (hummmmm… whatcha-ma-humans-call-its?…. Oh! Forks!)

Sorry again…. 

I don’t have any pictures……

……..because after mommy served the lasagna to everyone, she left the table for a moment.

But even a moment was too long because when she got back with her camera, my lasagna was all eaten up. She didn’t get mad at me because she knows first and always I’m a bear.

Even though I mess up lots and lots, I always do my very bestest to follow human rules. She said she’ll just need to remember to get the camera ready BEFORE she puts the food in front of me!

Especially pizza…….. & now lasagna too!

Mommy has a GREAT recipe for lasagna. It’s super cheesy delicious! She learned how to make it from my grandmommy. I asked her to let me help make it next time because I want to share this recipe with you. She said the recipe isn’t a family secret and I could share it on my blog. Yippee!!

I gave some shout outs on my lasagna video to my cousin Duffy and brother Stitch too. Stitch really loves lasagna!

Stitch traveled by box on big USPS airship to visit Cousin Duffy. My Cousin Duffy lives in Tennessee.

Stitch went to visit because Cousin Duffy is an only ‘Plushie-Stuffie Child’.

Duffy and his cousin color together
Cousin Duffy & I shared lots of fun playtime before we had to ship him up to Tennesse to live with my Auntie Sandra

I got lots & lots of brothers and sisters that live here with me. So even though I miss Cousin Duffy & Stitch a whole super lots, I don’t get lonely because I always have someone here to play with me.

I really get sad and miss them when I want to share the things I love and are super fun. That’s because I want them to be happy with me.

I really wanted to share my tummy yummy lasagna with them….


– I can share!

Cousin Duffy & Stitch already know that they need to be at the table when the food is served. Cousin Duffy is a real southern gentleman, but me & Stitch are like twin doubles ~~ ‘cause Stitch kinda sometimes has the same problem I do when he sees food.

Next time I promise to get some pictures of my mommy’s tummy yummy lasagna! …

……Well…. maybe I better not promise…..

………..How about, …

………………..Let’s hope that next time mommy remembers to get her camera out before she puts the lasagna on the table!

Duffy holds up an empty lasagna pan asks for more lasgana
More Lasagna mommy, PLEASE!

Do yous guys ever eat lasagna?

(… I’ll come over and help you eat it! ☺ )


Duffy salutation head

Duffy Bear A.K.A Duffy the Disney Bear


Vinylmation Coming out Summer 2012!!!

Duffy's Wizard Promise to Mr. J.

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