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I'm a Little Italian Duffy Bear!

I’m Italian! and I love wearing my Italian Mickey Mouse Ears Hat!

Duffy the Disney Bear wearing his Italian Mickey Ears Hat
This is my new Italweein Mickey Ears Hat!

Mommy made it special for me.

I liked my first #MickeyEarsHat too, but this Italian Mickey Ears hat is just more funner. (Opppppsssssss, ….. I mean more fun to wear!)

Every day I learn so much about my human family… Like having an ethnic heritage. My great grandmommies and great granddaddies lived in Italy and came here on a BIG boat a super long time ago..... — So that’s what makes me Italian!

It’s way too super fun being Italweein – opppsssss, I meant to say … “Italian”.

Italians eat SUPER tummy yummy delicious food. —- My favorite ….. is PIZZA!

I like eating all kinds of pizza! I ate my very first pizza at Via Napoli in EPCOT’s Italian Pavilion. That’s where mommy & grandmommy took me to eat on my first visit back to #Disney World.

Sometimes my Auntie Sandra surprises us and sends me a Papa Johns Pizza all the way from Tennessee! ….. and it’s still hot when it gets here too! …. Can you believe it? Because Tennessee is 864 miles from my house!

..........I bet that delivery human knows how to teleport like Scotty.

Because my family is Italian, we eat some Italian dish with spaghetti sauce every Sunday. Mommy makes all kinds of different Italian food with the spaghetti sauce. Sometimes she makes tummy yummy lasagna or sometimes it's raviolis, or chicken parmesan, or egg plant parmesan, or rotini, (that’s the spiral corkscrew pasta - Grandmommy's favorite) or melting in my mouth all 100% home made manicotti or something else super delicious! Yummers!

I love it when she makes the really big meatballs!!! She has a special secret that makes them irresistible!

Italians eat the bestest desserts too. Me & grandmommy love our cannoli siciliani! …..It’s THE most amazing-a-tasmic, creamy filled, crunchy outside shell, magnificently delicious-E-O-SO, mouth watering, messy paw-eating yummy dessert! Grandmommy just can’t resist ordering a cannoli siciliano.

Lots and lots and lots of years ago before I was adopted, my mommy said my grandmommy would say that she was going to make the “gravy”. Mommy said the school kids made fun of her when she said ‘gravy’.

They said that gravy wasn’t gravy, it’s really sauce. They told my mommy that you put sauce on spaghetti and gravy was something else…. like the stuff you put on your turkey on Turkey Day — opppsssss…. I mean Thanksgiving Day…. or on your mashed-up potatoes. I don’t know….. when I’m eating my spaghetti sauce, I don’t really care what it’s called! Besides, you put gravy on potatoes, … so you put spaghetti gravy on spaghetti foods & pizza- no difference to me!

I googled gravy and it said “a sauce made from the thickened and seasoned juices of cooked meat.” Well…. sometimes my mommy puts that meat juices stuff in her sauce!

So maybe grandmommy wasn’t wrong? Sauce can be gravy & gravy can be sauce??? Oh, well… sorry – my DDADID (Duffy Diffusion Attention Distractor Implant Device) is in over drive and my cranial head stuffing is spinning on this silly gravy-sauce stuff! ….. sorry…… (That’s one part of my AAD Adoption Activation Device that got messed up.)

Aaaannnnybear ..... I’m proud to wear my Italian Mickey Ears Hat and let everyone know that I am Italian!


Duffy Mickey Ear Hat Saluation

Duffy Bear

A.K.A Duffy the Disney Bear

Update: Since Mommy made me my Italweein Mickey Ears Hat, she bought me the Italian Mickey Ears Flag pin when we were in the World Showcase at EPCOT. She also made me my special “I’m Italweeian” Tee-Shirt!

Italian Mickey Ears Hat | EPCOT in front of Simba topiary
“Looking cool dude!”…. If I say so myself. Wait… I did say so myself!


My First Chiropractic KerrrrrrrrrUNCH!

My Alligator Encounter!!!

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