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The Tee Shirt … and That’s How Duffy Does It or Tried To Do It….

Yes – this is ‘How Duffy Does It’ – at least how I tried to do it. This was my very first attempt in taking off my tee-shirt all by myself!

Duffy's tee shirt is stuck on his head

Human stuff looks really easy! ….. Until I try to do it…

Sometimes I try to do things by myself to make my human mommy proud of me. But it doesn’t always work out exactly like I expected or planned….

Hello everyone! How are all yous guys today? I wanted to share with all of you that I like to try to do new things everyday and how I tried to be, (big human word coming at cha…) – “independent”– and take off my own tee shirt.

Humans make getting dressed and undressed look so easy! I was going to surprise my mommy and change into my pajamas all by myself. Instead I got into a struggle with my tee shirt!!!

After Little Joe & I finished making the special Birthday Video for our friend Duffy the Disney Bear, I wanted to hurry up and get undressed, put my pajamas on and watch my Cars DVD. It was getting kinda late, and if I wanted to have time to make some popcorn and watch the movie before mommy said it was bedtime, I had to hurry up and get my pajamas on super fast.

So I figured I’d give mommy a little help and start to get undressed and put on my pajamas all by myself. I thought that if mommy saw that I was getting into my pajamas, she’d hurry up and finish her chores and watch the movie with me.

I discovered many things about myself in my attempt to show mommy that I can change my clothes all by myself…

–> First, I got short arms! and I can’t reach over my head too good!

Duffy the Disney Bear's tee shirt gets stuck on his head
Humans make this look so simple!

–> Second, I got a BIG HEAD! This might be a lot easier if my stuffed head wasn’t oversized… Yep, my head is kinda on the large side for those head holes in my tee shirts. I guess I never noticed when mommy was dressing me. Well, I kinda noticed that she had to squish my head & snout up a bit when putting my tee-shirts on me, but it never bothered me or anything, ’cause my stuffing squished up just right and sprung back just right too.

–> Third, My paws don’t make good stuff grabbers. Human hands make much better stuff grabbers. Sometimes I can manage to get my paws to hold on to stuff. I’m really good at using human eating sticks now. I guess that’s because food is a big priority in my life and I’d rather use human eating sticks than to have to wash my paws all the time. Yet, grabbing on to the fabric of my tee shirt isn’t something that I’ve quite mastered yet.

Duffy the Disney Bear gets his Tee Shirt stuck over his eyes
I don’t give up all that easily!!!

–> Fourth, …(and this is pretty important…) Sometimes, you just gotta ask a human. Humans are really very helpful. They don’t always do things when you want them to do thing for you, but they eventually get around to stuff.

Duffy is exhausted and finally asks mommy to help him get his tee-shirt off
May I have a little human help please?

So how Duffy, (–> that’s me, <–) takes off his tea shirt? … At the moment, I still need to ask my mommy for some help. I haven’t completely given up yet dressing & undressing myself. Yet, ‘How Duffy takes off his tee shirt’ for now will just need to be with some human help.

Oh! I think my facebook account was hacked!

I wanna know who posted this picture!!! I like so totally didn’t pose for this picture!

Duffy discovers that someone posted picture on Facebook
Not fair! I didn’t pose for this picture! “Alright, who thought it was funny to post this on Facebook!”

“MOMMY! Somebody hacked my facebook account!”


Duffy head salutation

Duffy Bear A.K.A Duffy the Disney Bear


Pizza!!! Papa John’s Pizza Surprise!

Happy Birthday to you Duffy!

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